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Refuge Area and an Assembly Point

Refuge area and an assembly point


This week we discuss our previous blog and responses.


LinkedIn has been a great tool for us on our mission to raise awareness and improve standards for the safe evacuation of mobility impaired persons that is often not always given sufficient consideration or the priority it should receive.


Interestingly our last blog that was intended to simply raise awareness of the difference between assembly points and refuge areas when clicking the link but it appears to have been received as a question, so apologies it was not and certainly not an insult to fire industry experts !


However, that said we do still come across cases where a local fire service inspector has visited a premises and advised that mobility impaired persons can wait to be rescued by them !


This is where we are trying influence some change so there are clear messages around current evacuation requirements.


If anyone has concerns, questions, requirements that we can assist with or wish to share experiences please get in touch with us direct or post here so the more people engaged and involved in raising awareness the better.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Template
Emergency Evacuation Plan

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