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Generally, if your building has a lift you must have evacuation equipment. It is essential that the equipment you purchase adequately suits your needs, we recommend professional advice, site surveys and demonstrations are part of the process to ensure the appropriate evacuation solutions are provided.

Evacuation chairs must not be confused with devices known as transportation chairs, ambulance chairs or carry chairs. Evacuation chairs are specifically designed to enable one person to assist another person down stairs, some will also have the facility to be carried allow two people to assist another person upstairs or over obstructions.


In the care and medical sectors, evacuation sledges and mats may be more appropriate than an evacuation chairs, Sledges and mats may also be an ideal solution for housing and personal use.  

If you have no lift but need to provide access and egress a battery powered stair climber may the the solution. 


  • Public buildings

  • Offices

  • Retail premises

  • Hospitals

  • Educational establishments

  • Aviation industry

  • Marine industry

  • Care sector

  • Event management

  • Emergency services

  • Personal / domestic use


  • Disabled

  • Elderly

  • Injured

  • Pregnant

  • Medical emergency



Whilst there is always guidance and information about evacuation equipment available, some can be confusing. The type, quantity and location should be your decision as a result of your risk assessment and professional advice, not an overzealous salesman.

We have helped many clients save thousands of pounds while ensuring they maintain compliance.


One example is a client in the education sector with over 300 operational buildings, previously they had evacuation chairs in every building with a lift on virtually every staircase on every floor. Due to the age of the chairs, the client was seeking options for replacements. We performed a free audit and working with various stakeholders we reduced the number of chairs to a fraction of what was already in place. In addition to the savings on equipment a compliance package was included to cover supply, installation, certificated training, refresher training and maintenance.

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