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Coming Soon for mobility impaired persons

As part of our aim to raise awareness and assist employers and service providers to be able to demonstrate compliance with statutory obligations, for mobility impaired persons to be satisfied they could be evacuated from a building safely and to provide a clearer understanding of means of escape, we are collaborating with an exciting new service that is launching soon that has the input of experienced industry experts to introduce a range of sector and building specific podcasts, blogs and information on fire safety and evacuation requirements.


Topics covered will include, but not limited to:


  • Documentation – Fire Strategies, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Safety Audits, Emergency Plans, PEEPs/GEEPs, Information for the Fire Service and Record Keeping

  • Systems and Equipment – Fire Resisting Compartmentation, Fire doors, Fire Safety Signage, Fire Alarms and Detection Systems, Refuge Systems, Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Extinguishers

  • Training and Information – Building Specific Management, Duty Holders, Fire Wardens, Evacuation Equipment Operators, Staff, Volunteers, Residents and Contractors,

  • Testing and Maintenance – Who should do what ?

  • Due diligence, Competency and Accreditation - What is really required and what you should be doing !

  • Legislation, Regulation and Enforcement – Taking ownership, question and challenge when appropriate.


This exciting new service aims to keep things simple and assist Responsible Persons and Duty Holders to understand their roles and responsibilities and more importantly take ownership of all the above.


If you have anything specific you would like to be covered within your sector please email and watch out for this new service that is based upon educating, collaborating and certificating.

piece in the jigsaw
Piece in the jigsaw

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