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Evacuation Sheets Vs Evacuation Sledges and Mattresses

Evacuation sheets Vs Evacuation Sledges and Mattresses


One of our biggest concerns with the evacuation sector is the lack of understanding of current requirements, lack of industry recognised guidance and the tick box answer to compliance.


Evacuation sheets are a great product when in the right location and are particularly popular in the Care Sector, they are sheets that fit under a mattress with straps either end so in the event of an emergency, a mobility impaired person can remain on the mattress and trained staff can manoeuvre the mattress off the bed frame, retrieve the straps to pull the mattress and person to a place of relative safety or complete safety…………… well that’s the theory !


In reality, we often find evacuation sheets can not actually be used as the mattress does not fit through a single leaf bedroom door of some care homes, promotional videos generally show their use in a hospital environment that have double doors, wide corridors and staircases.


Other issues:

  • We have carried out audits where we are informed sheets are located under all beds but when we check they are not there

  • Beds located against a wall and difficult for staff to manoeuvre the mattress and can take a long time

  • The weight of a mattress and a person can make it difficult for staff to evacuate

  • Documented emergency procedures do not cover what happens in practice


Building specific emergency procedures must be in place together with GEEPS/PEEPs, appropriate equipment and trained personnel.


Evacuation Sledges and Mats are often a more appropriate solution for the care sector for a variety of reason including:


  • Easy to transport to the designated location

  • Fit through single leaf doors

  • A lighter therefore easier for trained personnel to use


If you require any further information or would like an audit or demonstration to ensure you have the right evacuation solutions please do not hesitate to contact us -

Globex Evacuation Sledge
Globex Evacuation Sledge

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