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Are you in the care sector?



The National Association for Safety & Health in Care Services (NASHICS) provides help and support with health & safety matters in relation to the care sector and the wider working environment.


If you are involved in the Care Sector you should check out and the benefits of being a member


GLOBEX are pleased to be offering all NASHICS members free advice and support including discounted rates for audits, equipment, training and maintenance for the next 6 months.


Please double check:


•              Could you really evacuate mobility impaired persons from your premises without depending on the Fire Service ?


•              Do your staff really understand Progressive Horizonal Evacuation Procedures ?


•              Do you have evacuation sheets under mattresses and have you tried to get them through bedroom doors and down staircases to a place of complete safety ?


•              Do you have an adequate number of suitably trained staff to implement your emergency procedures at all times of day and night ?


•              Do you have Personal / General Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s/GEEP’s) for visitors, staff and those being cared for ?


If the answer is no to any of the above action is required.


Emergency evacuation sign
Emergency Evacuation Sign

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