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Why use GLOBEX?


A few considerations - Why use GLOBEX?

  1. Our aim is to raise awareness and improve standards within the evacuation sector in the UK and internationally

  2. We assist end user clients to meet their legal obligations and ensure mobility impaired persons can be evacuated safely from all buildings

  3. We provide assurance to mobility impaired persons that suitable and sufficient provisions are in place to ensure they are safe

  4. We Work with various associations, regulators and industry to ensure a consistent approach and introduce recognised benchmark standards

  5. We pride ourselves on outstanding in person customer service

  6. Our equipment covers all sectors including domestic requirements

  7. We offer one of the largest range of equipment to suit all applications

  8. Most of our equipment is Made in Britain

  9. We offer same day dispatch of equipment on orders before 12 noon

  10. We provide a complete ongoing support service

  11. We provide training and maintenance for all brands of evacuation equipment

  12. We work direct with end users and via a network of approved partners

  13. We provide free surveys and demonstrations throughout the UK to ensure the right equipment is provided in the right place

  14. We offer a range of compliance packages to provide responsible persons and duty holders with peace of mind

  15. We offer competitive prices with discounts for various charities and support local good causes

  16. All our staff are competent and have their own proven track record for exceptional service

  17. We provide add on business opportunities for businesses in various sectors

We generally respond why not choose GLOBEX, we are a well-established recognised brand with a passion for ensuring a safe environment for mobility impaired persons and assurance of compliance for employers and service providers.

For all your evacuation requirements contact us today.

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GLOBEX Evacuation Chairs

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