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What is the best evacuation chair for schools?

We work with a lot of Schools and are often asked what is the best evacuation chair for a school.

As with any other building, we recommend a survey to determine what is the most appropriate model, where they should be positioned and advise on PEEPs, GEEPs, emergency procedures, designated operators that will require training (our training can be provided during inset days, weekends and evenings if required), annual maintenance and refresher training so that we can put the best possible package.

Occasionally if there is an urgent requirement we ask various questions and for photos of the staircases and advise accordingly.

Generally, the GLOBEX Standard Evacuation Chair is the most popular model used in schools but the GLOBEX Multi Evacuation Chair also offer other features and can be found in many education establishments.

It is about what is the most appropriate rather than the best, but we do like to think GLOBEX offer the best range of products and customer support services.

If you have any requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

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