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What is an evacuation chair?

An evacuation chair should not be confused with other devices known as transport, ambulance and transit chairs.

An evacuation chair is a device that allows one person to easily and safely transport a mobility impaired person downstairs in the event of an emergency and when lifts can not be used. Some models also have a carry facility that allow two or more people to carry a person upstairs and over obstructions.

The most common evacuation chairs have a ski system that operate with friction controlled belts that allow the chair to travel smoothly down most straight staircases.

UK legislation requires that all employers and service providers have a means of evacuating all users of their building without depending on the Fire Service, evacuation chairs together with suitably trained personnel provide a solution for meeting current requirements.

Our range of GLOBEX Evacuation Chairs that are made in Britain can be seen at together with videos showing how they work.

Globex Standard Plus Evacuation Chair
Globex Standard Plus Evacuation Chair

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