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Ongoing Commitment to Raise Awareness & Improve Standards

With recent changes in fire safety legislation there is more focus on fire safety in residential buildings which is great, but there are still ongoing discussions and in some cases confusion around the evacuation of mobility impaired persons.


In some cases, roles and responsibilities can depend on the type of premises and services provided by the landlord / managing agent or concierge service provider. However, regardless of legislation and guidance, common sense must prevail and if you, a friend or loved one has mobility issues and lives in a block of flats you should consider your evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency.


It may be the block of flats operates a stay put policy where you only need to evacuate if a fire is discovered in your flat and could possibly move to a neighbour or another place of relative safety on the same floor level but ultimately if on an upper floor level consideration must be given to evacuating downstairs.


Whilst evacuation chairs are often considered to be the only solution, depending on a persons disability, an evacuation sledge or mat may be a more appropriate solution together with assistance from others. Communication between neighbours can also be essential to ensure assistance can be provided if needed.


It is essential that building specific emergency procedures are understood, questions are asked and you know how to evacuate.


Please see the following useful guidance






For further advice or information about evacuation solutions please email

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