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Educate to Evacuate



From previous blogs, magazine articles and discussions with various stakeholders, we know employers, service providers and individuals still face challenges when it comes to evacuating mobility impaired persons from buildings in the event of an emergency and when lifts can not be used.


A lack of clear guidance, in some cases misleading information and a lack of understanding of current requirements currently put lives at risk and exposes responsible persons to non-compliance.


Taking a pro-active approach rather than reactive that tends to be the case after an incident, headline news or publicity, 2024 will see the introduction of our exciting new training academy.


Working with employers, regulators, enforcing authorities, various organisations and individuals we will be focusing on our overall goal of raising awareness and improving standards to ensure suitable and sufficient provisions are in place to evacuate mobility impaired persons from all types of buildings including residential blocks of flats. 


Our academy will deliver a range training sessions at clients premises or at our approved training centres across the UK to educate attendees of exactly what is required, sessions can also be tailored to a clients specific requirements.


If you would like further information about this exciting new project please do not hesitate to contact us at

evacuation chair being used
GLOBEX Multi Evacuation Chair

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