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Due Diligence



With a slowly increasing awareness of the need to ensure the safe evacuation of mobility impaired persons, online is clearly where people go to research and find the most suitable solutions which is fantastic.


However, this week a member of our team came across a website selling evacuation chairs for less than £ 250.00 and yes it was an evacuation chair with skis not a transit chair. It was a great looking website, UK mobile number and a range of other products.


With further investigation no training or maintenance was offered for the evacuation chairs, it was not a company based company and the UK Government Office for Product Safety and Standards has had 90 recalls and safety alerts from the companies various products.


The OPSS Chief Executive said that “Businesses placing products on the UK market must make sure they are safe for consumers.”


Whilst online market places are fantastic for us all and we encourage entrepreneurial ventures and healthy competition we do advise consumers to do their own due diligence to ensure they get the right products from a reputable company that also offer complete support service.


For any further advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at

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