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Do you need training to use an evacuation chair?

We are often asked do we need training to use an evacuation chair, the answer is yes !

Whilst most evacuation equipment is easy to deploy and operate, training is essential.

Not only is it a manufacturers recommendation but there are also statutory obligations under various Health and Safety requirements and also the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that states that the responsible person must ensure that employees are provided with adequate training and it must also be repeated periodically.

We offer two certificated training sessions, the most popular is our operator session that is for people appointed as evacuation chair operators and the other is our trainer session that is ideal for companies with staff working various shifts where the trained trainer can provide operator training within their own company to other staff. We also recommend refresher training at least annually.

Maintaining records of training is also essential to demonstrate compliance, far too many purchase equipment hang it on the wall and assume they are compliant when they are not !

Unlike fire extinguishers where there is a requirement for training but no legal obligation to use them, with evacuation equipment there is a requirement for training and also a legal obligation to ensure that mobility impaired persons can be evacuated without depending on the Fire and Rescue Service.

Compliance packages offer peace of mind that training and maintenance is carried out as required.

For further information for training on GLOBEX or any other type of evacuation equipment please check out or email

operators using an evacuation chair
Globex evacuation chair trainig

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