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Do evacuation chairs work on spiral staircases?

Standard evacuation chairs that should not be confused with transportation, transit and ambulance chairs are not suitable for spiral staircases.

Standard evacuation chairs have two skis with friction-controlled belts for one person to evacuate a mobility impaired person down straight staircases, they are not designed for spiral staircases.

However, some evacuation chairs do have carry facilities so providing there is sufficient space on the spiral staircase two people could carry the chair down but carrying an evacuation chair with someone in it is not as easy as it may look in demonstration videos and there are increased safety issues carrying someone therefore only evacuation chairs specifically designed for spiral staircases such as the GLOBEX Spiral should be considered.

an evacuation chair for spiral staircases
Globex Spiral evacuation chair

If you are unsure on what evacuation equipment is required for your building we provide a free survey and demonstration anywhere in the UK. It is important to ensure that you have evacuation chairs that work on your spiral staircases correctly so please ask for a free demonstration.

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