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Can you hire evacuation chairs?

Can you hire evacuation chairs ?

You can, but individuals can not hire from GLOBEX and here is why !

We regularly get enquiries to hire equipment from individuals who are attending a venue for an event and have been asked to provide their own arrangements for evacuating the member of their family from the building. We point out that this is fundamentally wrong, if a venue provides access they must provide egress and a solution to evacuate mobility impaired persons without depending on the Fire Service.

As our tagline indicates, we are all about raising awareness and improving standards in the evacuation sector.

When we get these enquiries a member of our team will ask for the venues details and offer to contact them direct to educate them in current requirements, generally after this contact, advice and an offer to carry out a free survey we sell them suitable products and support services to ensure they are compliant.

Also, you don’t really just hire a chair, for safety reasons training in the correct use of the product is required and by the time you have a price for the equipment, shipping, training and returning the chair it can work our quite expensive. If you have requirements for a private dwelling we have cost effective solutions.

We only hire equipment to events companies where we work with them to provide the necessary equipment in the appropriate locations and either train their staff or provide members of our team to be present depending on the event.

If you have any requirements for evacuation equipment or just seeking professional advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Globex Multi Evacuation Chair
Globex Multi Evacuation Chair

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