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Are evacuation chairs a legal requirement?


We are often asked if having an evacuation chair is a legal requirement, the answer is no.

However, whilst legislation does not stipulate an evacuation chair specifically, it does require the person(s) having responsibility for the building to carryout a fire safety risk assessment that includes an emergency evacuation plan for all people likely to be in the premises, including disabled people, and how that plan will be implemented. Such an evacuation plan should not rely upon the intervention of the Fire and Rescue Service to make it work.

Gone of the days of carrying someone up or down stairs to escape in the event of an emergency for a various of health and safety reasons, not to mention the risk of a legal claim for injury therefore suitable and sufficient provisions must be in place. In most types of premises an evacuation chair is deemed to be the most suitable provision together with trained operators and maintenance of the equipment and a PEEP or GEEP process.

Generally everyone recognises the need for fire extinguishers within a building but there is not the same awareness for evacuation equipment.

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Globex Multi Evacuation Chair
Globex Multi Evacuation Chair

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