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Providing Assurance And Competency



To understand what is required to ensure the safe evacuation of mobility impaired persons from upper or lower level of buildings and be able to demonstrate compliance, it is essential that:


  1. Relevant stakeholders have a clear understanding of current requirements and take ownership of them,

  2. They are aware of their roles and responsibilities and appoint an appropriate number of people to assist them who are available whenever the building is occupied,

  3. They understand their building fire strategy, systems and emergency procedures,

  4. The correct terminology and information is provided to ensure consistency and transparency,

  5. The correct equipment is purchased, located in the appropriate specified location and support services provided by a competent provider,

  6. Suitable training and refresher training is provided, and

  7. Any equipment is checked/maintained and appropriate details are recorded.


As you can see, it must not be a matter of a risk assessor, regulator or enforcing authority simply advising an evacuation chair must be purchased, look for the cheapest online, fix it to the wall, hope for the best and must not be a tick box exercise. The right solutions and supporting documentation are just as important as fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting and other fire and safety systems that should be specified, installed, maintained and training provided by a competent person and not a supplier just hoping for an add on sales opportunity.


Reports and industry experts recognise it is time for change, the safe evacuation of all users of building must no longer be left to chance and responsible persons exposed to non-compliance.


We are pleased to announce that May will see the launch of EXITASSURED, a completely new sector specific service with the aim of education, collaboration, certification and improving competency.


Provided by fire safety and evacuation experts with combined knowledge and experience of over 50 years, EXITASSURED will become a recognised name for competency and assurance.


For further information prior to the launch email 

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