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Booking a Party?


Legislation dictates that businesses and service providers must have appropriate procedures, supporting documentation, equipment, training and maintenance to ensure the safe evacuation of all users of their buildings without depending on the Fire Service.

Despite this we often receive requests from individuals who are having an event at a venue where they have a mobility impaired member of their family attending and want to hire an evacuation chair as they have been told by the management of the venue that it is their responsibility to evacuate their guests !

In the majority of cases we advise that this is wrong and the management of the venue are responsible and should already have the necessary procedures, equipment and trained personnel to evacuate all users of the building.

We offer to contact the venue on their behalf to offer advice and assistance, this generally leads to providing a free survey, demonstration of equipment and a proposal to assist them with meeting current statutory obligations and ongoing support.

So much more needs to be done to ensure the safe evacuation of mobility impaired persons from upper and lower levels of buildings when lifts can not be used, if you have personal requirements or are a business or service provider requiring professional advice please do not hesitate to contact us at and visit

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